Awesome Cartoon Cosplays!

May 30 2014

What I love about cosplay is that there really aren’t any boundaries or rules as to what you can do with it. You can do pretty much anything.  Here are some of my absolute favorites:

Floating Shopping List Cosplay (Spongebob Squarepants)

“Ooohhh! It’s a Floating Shopping List” from Spongebob Squarepants!

I actually went to high school with this girl. From what I understand she wore this costume around her college campus all day on Halloween. That takes some serious dedication! I estimate that this cosplay cost her $1.50 plus tax, if she shopped at the dollar store, like I do. So she’s probably made some kind of record breaking (low) cost for an entire cosplay costume. Maybe I’ll be the first blue-haired Floating Shopping List! Something makes me think it’s not exactly costume quality, though.

Team Rocket Cosplay (Pokemon)

I’ve seen this photo all over the internet, and I really wish I could give credit to the cosplayers who decided to be the best Team Rocket ever. This is movie quality stuff, right here. If you know where this was originally posted, please tell me so I can give credit where credit is so obviously due. I can only imagine how long it took for them to make these costumes, because if you look, even the Team Rocket “R” logos are (p)leather. and I can’t even see a seam! I hope they had a Meowth with them. I like to imagine they did.

Mrs. Nesbitt Cosplay (Toy Story)HOW DID HE EVEN BEGIN TO MAKE THESE PIECES!? Mrs. Nesbit, from Toy Story,  absolutely takes the cake for the best cos plays I’ve ever seen. It looks like most of his outfit is just stuffing filled clothing, but those arms are plastic and totally realistic. And the helmet/headpiece? Incredible. He’s got a purple spandex head cover, and even sharpied/painted the cheesy chin hair perfectly.

I find it so comforting to know that the cosplaying community is so accepting. If you want to be a peanut butter and jelly Homestuck sandwich, you can be a peanut butter and jelly Homestuck sandwich. No really. Look at this one.

Homestuck Cosplay

Peanut Butter and Jelly Homestuck Sandwich. Why?

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Cosplay Make-Up Tutorials: Coraline & Emily!

May 29 2014

Okay guys, so I’ve started doing some research for my Coraline cosplay for the convention next month, and I just found this absolutely incredible make-up tutorial on YouTube.

Now there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that my first post on the website will be of me as Coraline. After watching the video, I’m almost convinced that I should cosplay as the other Coraline and  go with the buttons for eyes, like the girl in the video. It will be hard, but I think if Shaylee helped me out, we could make it look really nice. We’ll have to toy around with the eye make-up a few times before we get it right. If we can’t get the button look to work, I guess I’ll have to buy a different costume. Oh no, I guess I will have to buy yellow rain boots! But seriously, I’m definitely not going to walk around with buttons glued to my eyes. Was that a glue stick she was using? That sounds awful, even for five minutes. I’ll see if I can’t get Shaylee to do some kind of button looking make-up on my eyelids that just give a button illusion. All of the cosplay for Emily from The Corpse Bride, that I’ve seen online anyway, have painted eyelids. If I just take the eye make-up concept from the Emily Make-up Tutorial Video, I can probably make my Coraline cosplay spot on.

My mom is going to be so pissed whenever she finds out I’m intending to use her old wedding dress for my Emily cosplay. She and my dad got married in the eighties, so you can only imagine how “beautiful” her wedding gown is. (Think a slutty version of Kady Heron’s “ex-wife” costume from Mean Girls.) Let’s just say it’s the perfect Emily cos-play dress!

How many days until we go to the convention, Shaylee?

Emily Cos-play (The Corpse Bride)

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Cosplay with Blue Hair!

May 24 2014

Howdy! ^_^ My name’s Joanna and I like to cosplay! Okay, you caught me, I haven’t really done any cosplay yet, but I’m about to! My roommate Shaylee got me to really consider cosplay last fall when we were trying to find me a Halloween costume that suited my blue hair. We came up with all kinds of possibilities! So many, as a matter of fact, that I’ve decided to make it a regular thing and take my cosplay ideas to conventions around the tri-state area! Here’s a few examples of some my blue haired heroines I’m planning on doing soon!

Coraline Cos play  Ember McLain Cos play  (Danny Phantom) Marie Kanker Cos play (Ed, Edd & Eddy) Vexy Smurf Cos play

Coraline is next, because I’ve been dying for an excuse to buy rain boots lately. I also figured she’d be a good place to start, since her outfit is so simple. I can probably find all of the pieces on my next trip to Walmart. (After some research, I can buy the pieces on their website for $52.78 and free shipping – Yay, free shipping !) Once I’ve recovered from the convention I’ll be sure to post pictures here and on cartoon. That’s my favorite place to check out what other cosplayers are up to. I’ve seen everything from River Song to a Reece’s Cup. Why the Reece’s Cup, I will never fully understand, but that girl rocked that cake pan hat like no other! What’s really cool about their website is you have to be a certified cosplayed to post new content, so the photos you see on the site are the real users! I love being able to interact with all of the different cosplayers and finding out where they find their pieces. Soon enough, I’ll be on the front page and shining some much needed blue light on the world of cosplay! Haha, I guess you could say, “I’ve got the blues!”   Get it? No? Not that funny? Ah, well.

Marge Simpson Cos play

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